Bring me joy, because my clients are sharing their love with me. It is easy for me to love my work which feeds my passion and soul creating unique heirlooms for the family 
The Studio on Wheels
   The photograph is crucial to the success of any commission.  To get started you can send me photos either through email, my contact page, or post. Digital images need to be in high resolution. The photos should be well lit and in-focus.
Portrait as a Doll: I will need good quality photos of the face to be painted onto the doll and I need to know a bit about the person that I will make the doll for. This information will help me to know what colours and fabrics to use.
Pet portrait : I work directly with photos reproducing the exact image into my portrait style. I finished by hand stitching .
Picture with sculpture: Good photos of the characters that I'm going to do. Really important to know as well a bit of their personality, what they like to do etc. So we decide what is the best picture that I can do for them. 
After we have agreed upon photos, colours, delivery schedule, etc. I will email your commission agreement stating what is being created for you, the turnaround time and payment term. Once I have received your confirmation by email and a 50% deposit, I will confirm your entry on my schedule. I usually have a waiting list so do recommend that you plan ahead.


        Andrea Pena

UK: 44 (0) 794 3699310