My work 
About me 
I'm a multifaceted artist exploring different techniques textures and patterns, with a passion for creating personalized works of art. I love what I do!

What I Do
When children, adults  or animals are captured in a simple freeze frame, a moment in time, I can transform this precious imagen into a treasured artwork. I love doing this and I put this love and passion into my art.
Clay Sculptures

Dogs, little people, framed. These are so individual, please see the gallery, as they are difficult to describe! You provide the information for me to make a little creation of happiness.

The picture can be customized accordingly to fit the character that you want. 

Frame: 25 x 25 cm or 50 x 50 cm
Sculpture: 16 cm

Pet portrait - Wool felt collage

Your unique pet portraits portray a beloved dog/cat/horse/rabbit and I can add personal message to enhance the frame image. Eg, the pets nickname, or special term of endearment. These bespoke pet portraits make wonderful gift for that special birthday or occasion. Previous client have comment that they just stare at the portraits and "feel the love'
I cut, join and hand stiches different pieces of wool felt to bring them to life. 
Frame: 50X50 cm    

Portrait as a doll

My hand made dolls come alive with character and each has an expression taken from a photograph of the recipient. They are totally individual and unique.

Imagine your child transformed into a doll in clothes made with favorite colours  

These are 50 cm in height.